AWS CloudTrail Data and Splunk Software To Improve Security and Compliance in AWS

With AWS CloudTrail, you can get log files of AWS API calls for your account. CloudTrail enables you to perform security analysis, track resource changes, and aid in compliance reporting. In this webinar you will learn how CloudTrail collects and stores your AWS log files so that software from AWS Technology Partner Splunk can be used as a Big Data Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. You will hear how AWS log files are made available for many security use cases, including incident investigations, security and compliance reporting, and threat detection/alerting. You will also hear from a joint Splunk/AWS customer, FINRA, who will explain how they leverage Splunk in AWS to support their cloud efforts.

What you’ll learn:
• Why the machine data from AWS CloudTrail is relevant to security and compliance
• How to visualize data from AWS CloudTrail to monitor and audit security-related activity
• How AWS CloudTrail data can be combined with machine data from other sources in your IT infrastructure, including the OS and apps in your AWS images, for a wide range of operational and security use cases
• How the combination of AWS CloudTrail and Splunk improve your uptime, accelerate security and operational investigations, and simplify compliance.

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