AWS CloudTrail Expands Again – More Locations and Services

AWS CloudTrail records the API calls made in your AWS account and publishes the resulting log files to an Amazon S3 bucket in JSON format, with optional notification to an Amazon SNS topic each time a file is published.

Earlier this month we expanded CloudTrail’s service coverage with the addition of support for seven more services. Today we adding support for the Simple Workflow Service and are also making CloudTrail available in three additional AWS Regions:

  • US West (Northern California)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • EU (Ireland)


Note: If you have configured CloudTrail to store log files generated in multiple AWS Regions in the same S3 bucket, you will have to update the bucket’s policy statement so that it can accept logs from the new Regions. To do this, visit the Amazon S3 Bucket Policysection in the CloudTrail documentation. If CloudTrail creates the bucket on your behalf, it will also apply a policy that allows access from all of the Regions that exist at the time.

The Big Picture
Here’s the latest and greatest version of the diagram that I first presented when we launched CloudTrail:

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