#AWS ElastiCache Flexible Node Placement

Amazon ElastiCache makes it easy for you to deploy an in-memory cache in the cloud using the
Memacached or
Redis engines.

Today we are launching a new flexible node placement model for ElastiCache. Your Cache
Clusters can now span multiple Availability Zones within a Region. This will help to
improve the reliability of the Cluster.

You can now choose the
Availability Zone for new nodes when you create a new Cache Cluster or add more nodes to an
existing Cluster. You can specify the new desired number of nodes in each Availability Zone or
you can simply choose the Spread Nodes Across Zones option. If the cluster
is within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) you can place nodes in Availability Zones that are part of
the selected cache subnet group (read
Createing a Cache Cluster in a VPC to learn more).

Here is how you control node placement when you create a new Cache Cluster:

Here is how you control zone placement when you add nodes to an existing cluster:

This new feature is available now and you can start using it today!


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