#AWS #ElastiCache T2 Support

As you may already know, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)’s new T2 instance type provides a
solid level of baseline performance and the ability to burst above the baseline as
needed. As I wrote in my blog post,
these instances are ideal for development, testing, and medium-traffic web sites.

Today we are bringing the benefits of the T2 instance type to
Amazon ElastiCache. The cache.t2.micro (555 megabytes of RAM),
cache.t2.small (1.55 gigabytes of RAM),
and cache.t2.medium (3.22 gigabytes of RAM) cache nodes
feature the latest Intel Xeon processors running at up to 3.3 GHz. You can launch new cache nodes
using the Memcached or Redis engines.

T2 instances are supported only within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. The Redis Backup
and Restore feature and the Redis AOF are not currently usable with
the T2 instances. You can launch them in the usual ways (command line,
API, CloudFormation, or Console):

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for T2 cache nodes starts at $0.008
per hour for Three Year Heavy Utilization Reserved Cache Nodes and
$0.017 per hour for On-Demand Cache Nodes.
(see the
ElastiCache Pricing page for more information).
As part of the AWS Free Tier, eligible users have access to a
cache.t2.micro instance for 750 hours per month at no charge.

The new cache nodes are available today in all AWS Regions except AWS GovCloud (US) and you can
start using them today!


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