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Along with the announcement that vSphere 6.5 went GA today, I’ve got some pretty cool news that I was just given permission to share, on the caveat that I can’t actually give the “when” portion of this…

1.0 is currently being qualified for 9.1!


That’s right… Both SolidFire *and* ONTAP will have support for VVols. Somewhere, Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) is smiling.

If you have a vested interest in this news, please email me at or comment below with some contact information and I will pass the word on to the ONTAP team.

So, while you’re at NetApp Insight in Berlin, go find Pete at the booth, or attend one of the specific sessions:

  • 60831-2: How Customers and Partners use NFS for Virtualization
  • 62151-2 – VMware Horizon Portfolio on NetApp
  • 61521-2 – VMware on NetApp ONTAP 9: New Tricks and Best Practice Update
  • 61718-3 – Creating a Storage Portal Using VMware vRealize and NetApp
  • 88633-2 Bridging the Gap: Networking for Storage and Virtualization Administrators
  • 88644-2 – New Capabilities in NetApp ONTAP 9, Optimized for All-Flash Virtualized Workloads
  • 61476-2 – VMware Virtual Volumes: Deploy, Implement and Troubleshoot

For NFS-specific information on vSphere 6.5, see:

vSphere 6.5: The NFS edition

For a rundown on the new ONTAP 9.1 features:

ONTAP 9.1 RC1 is now available!

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