#NetApp SnapCenter 4.0 – What’s New

The latest version of our backup and clone management software, ® SnapCenter® 4.0 is available for download. SnapCenter offers application-integrated backup and recovery and clone management for use with NetApp ONTAP® storage systems.

What is SnapCenter?

  • SnapCenter is End-to-end data protection​
  • It’s Simple, scalable, has a single interface to protect enterprise data (both physical and virtualized) across the data fabric​
  • We can Meet SLAs easily by leveraging NetApp technologies
  • SnapCenter has Efficient in-place copy data management​
  • Which Provides visibility of data set copies across the data fabric​
  • It also Enables you to reuse these data set copies for test/dev, DR, and analytics
  • SnapCenter is included with all AFF and FAS storage systems, when purchased with the Premium Bundle, so deployment is easy and cost effective.

New Exchange Server Plug-in:

This new plug-in enables application integration for backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 standalone and database availability groups, including IP-less configurations.

SnapCenter Plug-in for Exchange features:




Portable backup of Exchange resources Near-instantaneous restore Policy-based backup management and retention
  • Full backup
  • Up-to-the-minute (UTM)
  • Full backup retention settings
  • Transaction log backup
  • Point-in-time (PIT)
  • Log backup retention settings for up-to-the-minute restore
Backup active copies Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR)  
Backup copies on specific servers  

Enhancements to Other Application Plug-Ins:

  • General Enhancements
    • Option to automatically assign the same access to all SnapCenter objects (Policies, Resources, Run As Credentials, Storage Connections etc. based on assigned Role
    • Ability to split a clone with the option to estimate the space required for the split, before executing the split operation
  • Enhancement to Plug-in for SQL Server
    • Ability to restore to an alternate host and from unmanaged media
  • Enhancement to Plug-in for Oracle Database
    • Support for Oracle Database 12c R2 including the Multi-tenant option
  • Enhancements to Plug-in for SAP Hana
    • Support for Volume based backup of SAP HANA databases and binaries
    • All File restore with Single file snap restore (SFSR)
    • Support for Archive log management
  • Enhancements to Plug-in for vSphere
    • Guest file or folder (single or multiple) restore support for Windows guest OS
    • Efficient storage-based restores from primary and secondary Snapshot copies through Single File SnapRestore (SFSR)
    • New dashboard and reports that provide visibility into protected versus unprotected VMs and status of backup, restore and mount jobs
    • New options to attach/detach virtual disks from secondary Snapshot copies
    • New option to attach virtual disks to an alternate VM

SnapCenter Additional Resources:

The following resources are available to help you learn about SnapCenter, deploy it in your environment, and use it to meet your data protection needs:

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