New Location for CloudFront and Route 53 – Melbourne, Australia #AWS

I am happy to announce the launch of an edge location in Melbourne, Australia for
Amazon CloudFront and
Amazon Route 53.

Global Coverage
This new location will improve performance and availability for end users of applications
being served by CloudFront and Route 53 and bring the total number of edge locations
to 52 worldwide. Here’s the breakdown:

  • United States (20)
  • Europe (16)
  • Asia (12)
  • Australia (2)
  • South America (2)

CloudFront and Route 53 customers don’t need to do
anything to your applications to take advantage of
this new edge location – requests from your end users in these
locations will automatically be routed for the best possible

Full Functionality

This new edge location supports all Amazon CloudFront functionality,
including accelerating your entire website (static, dynamic and
interactive content), live and on-demand streaming media, and security
features like custom SSL certificates, private content, and
geo-restriction of content. It also supports all Amazon Route 53
functionality including health checks, DNS failover, and latency-based

Learn More at our Webinars
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