New Technical White Paper – #VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition Multi-Site Reference Architecture

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This reference architecture details and shows validation of a Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition solution that delivers business continuity and disaster recovery to a set of identified use cases. The services designed and delivered to users focus on availability and recoverability, but can be easily adapted to general multi-site requirements.

To build the environment necessary to deliver highly available services to users, each product and component in Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition is architected and designed specifically to meet these requirements.

This includes virtual desktops and hosted applications (RDSH), applications delivered through App Volumes AppStacks and writable volumes, profile data with User Environment Manager, secure external access via Access Point, and a single sign-on workspace with Identity Manager.

The availability of each part is considered, as is the replication and recovery of any data portion required to ensure the service is available at the second site.

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