Now Available: Amazon #AWS #EC2 for #Microsoft Windows Server with #SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Now you can run Amazon for Windows with Server Enterprise Edition. You can select pre-configured Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and launch them on R3.2xlarge, R3.4xlarge, and R3.8xlarge instance types, in the US-East (Virginia), US-West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) regions.

SQL Server Enterprise Edition offers a number of new features including:

  • “AlwaysOn” high availability: You can configure up to four active, readable secondaries
  • Self-service business intelligence: You can use Power View to conduct interactive data exploration and visualization
  • Data Quality Services: You can use organizational and 3rd party reference data to profile, cleanse and match data

You can visit our web site to learn more about AMI packaged with SQL Server Enterprise Edition, the R3 Instance type and pricing. To get started, you can select and launch an EC2 for Windows AMI with SQL Server Enterprise Edition from within the AWS Management Console, or directly from the Marketplace (Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2012 and 2014).

Originally Posted: Now Available: Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server with SQL Server Enterprise Edition

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