Reviewer’s Guide for View in #vmware #Horizon 6

The purpose of the Reviewer’s Guide for View in Horizon 6 is to familiarize you with the new features and capabilities in the context of use case scenarios so that you can evaluate both new and core capabilities.

The Reviewer’s Guide for View in 6 is for prospective IT administrators and media reviewers of View. Some familiarity with technologies is assumed, including a basic knowledge of vSphere ESXi and vCenter and how to configure networking and storage in a virtual environment.
This document provides step-by-step exercises to guide you through installation and setup of core and deployment scenarios. This guide is not intended as a substitute for product documentation.

You can find more detailed information about installation, configuration, administration, and use of View in the VMware Horizon with View documentation. You can consult the VMware Knowledge Base if you have additional questions. For more in-depth technical white papers, see Horizon with View resources.

Download the PDF file .

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