[Video] #VMware and #AWS partnership demo

Fantastic demo showcasing the new partnership capabilities from and .
Some Highlights:

  • VMware ESXi running on bare metal infrastructure in AWS
  • Hourly or 1/3 Year Reserved Terms
  • Credit Card or VMware Account payment methods
  • vCenter per Region provisioned that can be linked to your own On-Premises vCenter
  • Elastic DRS: Think Autoscale DRS
  • Full AWS portfolio available to VMware cloud on AWS and On-Premises
  • Standard sizes:
    • Small (4 Hosts: 294GHz CPU/976GB Memory/25TB vSan storage)
    • Medium (32 Hosts: 2352GHz CPU/7TB Memory/200TB vSan storage)
    • Large (64 Hosts: 4704GHz CPU/15TB Memory/400TB vSan storage)

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