#vSphere 6 – Network I/O Control Version 3

Network I/O Control version 3 introduces a mechanism to reserve bandwidth for system traffic based on the capacity of the physical adapters on a host. It enables fine-grained resource control at the VM network adapter level similar to the model that you use for allocating CPU and memory resources.

Version 3 of the Network I/O Control feature offers improved network resource reservation and allocation across the entire switch.

  • Reserve bandwidth to guarantee service levels
  • Applied at vNIC level
  • Enables bandwidth to be guaranteed at the virtual network interface on a virtual machine
  • Reservation set on the vNIC in the virtual machine properties
  • Applied at a Distributed Port Group
  • Enables bandwidth to be guaranteed to a specific VMware Distributed Switch port group
  • Reservation set on the VDS port group
  • Enables multi-tenancy on one VDS by guaranteeing bandwidth usage from one tenant won’t impact another 

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