What’s New in #VMware vSphere 6 – Performance

vSphere 6 continues to enhance the performance features and capabilities of the vSphere platform, making it the most robust and highest-performing cloud platform.

vSphere 6 supports larger virtual machines and physical hosts to accommodate even the most demanding workloads. It also introduces several new features that reduce latency and increase throughput for network, storage, and compute.

This paper first looks at the improvements made to VMware vCenter Server, then to the core platform, storage and network. vSphere 6.0 contains many performance improvements across the areas of management, compute, core platform, and network.

Some of these improvements include:

  • vSphere Web Client performance and usability.
  • vCenter Server management of very large deployments and operational throughput improved for small, medium, and large inventories.
  • Scaling up (more virtual CPU) and out (more VMs per host) higher than ever before.
  • Infrastructure improvements like the way nodes are arranged in vNUMA when memory is hot-added
  • Graphics improvements leveraged by Horizon.
  • Storage stack optimizations, which allow greater IOPS per second. Virtual Volumes are new, adding flexibility and elasticity to storage, and Virtual SAN performance is improved.
  • Networking enhancements like Network I/O Control with reservations, dense mode for clusters like Webfarms, VMXNET3 support for LRO, and line rate for a vNIC with a 40GbE physical NIC.

Originally Posted: What’s New in VMware vSphere 6 – Performance

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